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The Salem Exchange Club meets every Thursday, from 12 Noon to 1:00 PM - Blackwater Grill Restaurant   43 Pelham Rd., Salem, NH

Next Poker Event:
Wednesday, Sept. 10th
1:45 PM - Midnight

Upcoming Speakers

and Events:

Guest speakers 
None scheduled:
Directors Mtg.  
Wed.,  Sept. 3rd, 
Location TBA 

Do you know of a need in the community or a potential guest speaker?

Let us know through our  Contact page  on this site!


Officers for 2014-2015: 

- Pres. Nicole Shepley 
- Pres-Elect: Richard Morway 

- Past Pres. Andy Nelson

- Secretary: Cristen Eustice  
- Treasurer: Kerianne Pereira 
- Directors (thru 6/30/15) 
    Gary Wang  
    Denise Puleo  
    Bill Burdin 
Directors (thru 6/30/16) 
   Kevin McKinnon 
   John Croteau
   Brad Segal


Past Presidents Night Fun:  
Check Out Bobble Boys
Salem Exchange Club Bobble Heads Thumbnail

Exchange Club of Salem, NH AutoFest

Newest Freedom Shrine

At Canobie Lake Park!

Facebook up to the minute!


Next Poker Event:
Wednesday, Sept. 10th   
1:45 PM - Midnight

Friday, October 10,  1:45 - Midnight
Sunday, Nov. 23,  11:45 - Midnight 

Visit the National Exchange Club website